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Poilitics, Half-truths and the Workplace

Every night and every day between now and November we will be bombarded with political ads from one source or another regarding the upcoming presidential race. Despite non-aligned groups such as Politico and Fact-Finder stating that the premise is… Continue reading

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Fireman, Strategist or Catalyst – What is the HR Role?

As I attend various HR related events and read the posts in social media there seems to be some discussion as to exactly what HR is supposed to be doing. Have said that I can find some common threads in the discussions. Some of the individuals bel… Continue reading

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It’s not what you dont know that hurts you, its what you think is so that isn’t

Every morning I get in my inbox an email from the Employment Law Information Network and in the edition from August 6 was a post from Michael Maslanka from Constangy’s Dallas office in which he asked the question whether the 14th Amendment’s equal… Continue reading

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Where or where has innovation gone?

Carefully consider some of the political ads currently running in the media and you would be led to believe that America is going down hill. Part of that is the climate we are in at the current time. Russell Moen of Express Personnel in his presen… Continue reading

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