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IRS Announces 2009 Mileage Rate

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has announced the new national per-mile business driving rate of 55.0 cents for the U.S. taxpayer, effective January 1, 2009. This new rate compares to a rate of 50.5 cents-per-mile from January 1 through June 30… Continue reading

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CRP 2009

San Diego CRP ReviewDaniel Bloom & Associates, Inc. will present it’s 19th annual review seminar for the 2009 CRP examination May 10-11-12 in San Diego. Due to increased costs, the registration fees will increase this year to $595 if paid before M… Continue reading

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It is hard to keep track of the fast year going by and truly hard to believe we have made it to Thanksgiving already. On behalf of our family to yours we wish you a happy thanksgiving holiday and hope the rest of the year goes well for each of you… Continue reading

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Yes We Can

It is Time For a ChangeAs a country yesterday we achieved a new page in our collective history. Not since the era of JFK has any politician been able to gather such a wide spread collection of groups to bring together their hopes, concerns and wis… Continue reading

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Critical Time in Our History

Despite your leanings, we are faced today with a historical event in history. Please be sure to be part of our commitment to be a citizen of this country and get to the polls and place your vote.We have several items for your consideration today i… Continue reading

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