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Mirror, MIrror On the Wall Who Am I?

I received in my daily barrage of emails one that perked my interest. I apologize upfront because it got deleted by accident and I could not find it again. The email was from a HR related blog and it began with a scenario in which the employees of… Continue reading

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OSHA Injury and Death Summary Report is due February 1, 2012 Continue reading

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A New Generation is Coming, Are You Ready?

We have all seen the vast number of articles regarding the interactions between the different generations in the workplace. We all have our personal views regarding the roles of the Baby Boomers, Gen X , Gen Y or the traditionalists. But we are ta… Continue reading

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What is your Brand telling the world?

Let me set the playing field, this is NOT about marketing of an organization. This is about the message you as an organization send to two different stakeholders for your organization. The first is your customer base and the second are your curren… Continue reading

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How Do You View the World?

To begin with on this first day of a brand new yea, may I wish you and yours a great new year. I was reading the local newspaper this morning and a column by Bill Maxwell caught my attention. The column was entitled “White doubt reserved for black… Continue reading

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