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Big is not necessarily Better

I admit it I have an addiction. Back in 2001 I was introduced to the writings of Kathleen O’Neal Gear and her husband W. Michael Gear who have written a series of 23 historical fiction books centered around the lives of the North American Native A… Continue reading

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Really, is not my job difficult enough?

Here we are on the weekend before Christmas and the Iowa Supreme Court handed us an early “gift” Before I explain what the gift was, let me take you back in time to when Bobby Darin was still performing and he sag the following words: “WelI ??? I do… Continue reading

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The World is a better place because of those who refuse to believe they can’t fly

This afternoon we continued our family tradition and attended a performance by the Trans-Siberian Orchestra who introduced a new show entitled the Lost Christmas Eve. The center piece of the performance was a story of a business man who years earl… Continue reading

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How do I add Value to the Relationship?

I recently was involved in a conference call with a prospective client who was asking me whether I would be available to come speak to their office meeting about how the staff could work closer with corporate HR professionals. I got off the call a… Continue reading

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The Diversity Scam: We talk the talk but do we walk the walk

We have just recently undergone a decisive election era in which some very strong views have been expressed. Some of those comments made me take a moment and reflect on the status of diversity within this country and the workplace in particular. O… Continue reading

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