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What is HR Excellence?

We had in one of the first posts here asked you to define what you thought HR Excellence was. From the level of responses I am assuming ( I know the problems with assumptions) that you are having a hard … Continue reading

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Human Resource Blogs (Why we do it)

One of the blogs I read each week is that of Ben Eubank’s Upstart HR. In his post for the week he posed the question shown in the title above. For your consideration here is the text of his latest … Continue reading

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We have submiited the blog to Technorati

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We are Moving

Posterous has informed its bloggers that as of April 30 the site is being closed down. We are in the process of moving the Posterous content to this space.

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Those People

While checking my LinkedIn groups this morning I found this post from Seth Godin At a recent seminar, a woman who helps run a community college stood up to ask a question. “Well, the bad news,” she said, “is that we have to let everyone in. And th… Continue reading

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Let’s Play HR

To my HR purist friends I apologize if you think I believe that HR does not have a vital role within our organizations.I am in no way equating HR to playing the child game of house. What I am suggesting is that there is a new visitor in the neighb… Continue reading

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Interested in finding a better mouse trap?

Daniel Bloom & Associates, Inc. has created a second blog here on Posterous entitled “Achieving HR Excellence Through Six Sigma – The Blog. Come visit, and join the community to look at how to continuously improve the process we call HR. http://ac… Continue reading

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