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What is your Gay Index?

The term Gay Index was coined by Richard Florida in Fast Company severl years ago, but it brings up an ongoing issue I hear in the marketplace. When we are writing policies and procedures regarding discrimination aand harrassment in the workplace … Continue reading

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That’s Just the Way We do things here

I was watching the local news herein Tampa Bay the other night and a story came on that made we stop to think about how we do things within the HR arena everyday. There is a local man who was scheduled to fly to NJ to be with his daughter who was … Continue reading

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The Global Marketplace changed, but did your organization?

I recently posted a blog entry entitled “open letter to the CEO” and one of the readers took me to task for posting something with a misspelling because I used the term Stakeholder instead of Shareholder. While we might be talking semantics here, … Continue reading

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Performance Institute and DBAI partner to bring Driving HR 500 seminar to Washington, D.C.

Daniel Bloom & Associates, Inc. has introduced a proprietary course entitled Driving the Human Resource 500: Achieving HR Excellence through Six Sigma. It is designed to show HR professionals how to utilize continuous process improvement to enhanc… Continue reading

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Beware of the Social Media trogan horse

Growing up I heard often that you should be careful what you ask for. Apparently the organizations that thought that asking for social media passwords was a legitamate way to gain information about prospective new employees and whether they fit in… Continue reading

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Are You Still Viewing the World from a Myopic Point of View?

I was in a discussion recently with an individual who I believe is destined to become a real leader within what ever organization they finally connect with. But they expressed the view that HR only meant hiring and staffing. This point hit home th… Continue reading

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