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Circle the Wagons, the Indians are Coming!!!!

President Obama at a press conference in Hawaii referring to a question about the scandal at Penn State made the observation that protecting the innocent was more important than shielding institutions or organizations. I took in the premise and th… Continue reading

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we have met the enemy and they are us!!

Many of you who are old enough to remember this quote, will remember that it came out at the time of the first Earth Day. It was a call for improvement in the world we lived in at the time. I bring it up for you and a newer generation because I fe… Continue reading

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CRP 2012 Boot Camp Dates Announced

Daniel Bloom & Associates, Inc. will present it’s 22nd Annual Review Seminar for Certified Relocation Professional examination facilitated by the worldwide ERC.This 3 day review seminar will be presented May 6-8, 2012 in San Antonio.More informati… Continue reading

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What is My Generations Impact on Business?

This past week I had been invited back to a MBA Leadership class to discuss the topic “Who Am I: The Role of Human Capital within the Global Workplace.I spent about 40 minutes discussing the new roles of human capital within our organizations and … Continue reading

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