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What was once old is new again?

I received my email from the Wharton School today and in it was an article about the nature of the HR profession as conducted in a study for PricewaterHouseCoopers. The finding of the research showed thatif you “step into the office of the head of… Continue reading

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What are they Thinking?

How many of you have teenagers or adolescents at home or even young adults? Ever tried to figure them out? Not going to happen you say? I am in the middle of reading a fascinating new book entitled the M-Factor. Written by Lynne Lancaster and Davi… Continue reading

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Life’s Journey

Good afternoon from not so sunny Florida,Ever since I was a child, I have been told that life is a journey. The only catch is that the journey defies science in that it is not the shortest route between two points. Life brings to us a whole collec… Continue reading

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What Will They Think?

Twitter Donates Entire Tweet Archive to Library of CongressTwitter is donating its digital archive of public tweets to the Library of Congress. Twitter is a leading social networking service that enables users to send and receive tweets, which con… Continue reading

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From our client family

Today Oakwood announced the promotion of T.J. Spencer to Vice President, Relocation & Managing Director, International. In her new role, Spencer leads the international sales effort, the operation and expansion of the Global Alliance Network, and … Continue reading

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