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If you take this assignment……..

Those of you who are old enough to remember the TV Show from the 1960″s staring Peter Graves- Mission Impossible will remember that every show began with the following phrase: Good morning, Mr. Phelps….. Your mission, Jim, should you decide to a… Continue reading

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The thrill is gone

Every year my wife and I have a tradition of attending the supposed “final tour” for B.B. King and as usual last night he sang is hit “The Thrill is Gone.” In listening to it last night I began, based on some comments from some of my HR peers, to … Continue reading

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DBAI announces dates for 23rd Annual CRP Boot Camp

You are sitting at your desk and a box arrives from the Worldwide ERC containing the study material for the 2013 Certified Relocation Professional Examination. Your first thought after opening the box is how you are going to find the time to prepa… Continue reading

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The Runner Up: The 2nd Most read post of 2012

Truth, Justice and Your Organization I can just hear some of you now, but in watching TV and reading the news I was hit with several points which made me question the direction our organization’s are headed in. We strive to speak the philosophy th… Continue reading

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The winner is : The most viewed Blog post of 2012

Am I Missing Something Here? I was watching the morning news this morning and across the bottom of the screen was a running display of the latest news. One such headline stated that the TSA had patted down an 89 year old man in the airport the oth… Continue reading

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