Monthly Archives: February 2009

Relocation Announcements

Interstate BakeriesHeadquarters moving from Kansas City to Dallas. 20 Jobs over next several monthsConoco PhillipsMoving operations from Ponca City to Houston and Bartlesville, OK. 750 jobs over the next two years. Continue reading

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Changing Times

This post is a relatively long one but we felt that the items were worth your reading.Changing Face of RelocationA little discussed part of the stimulus package is the fact that if you have an position the law requires you to look to the unemploye… Continue reading

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Challenging Times, Great Hints

For over seven years this newsletter/blog has been centered around strategies that will assist you in developing your relocation business. We are in the middle of a major economic crisis which affects each and every one of us in some fashion. I re… Continue reading

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Signs of the Times

New Twist on Human Capital PlanningIBM has offered it’s employees a choice – be laid off or move to Developing Countries like India, China, Brazil, Mexico, Czech Republic, Russia etc. and is limited to satisfactory employees who are willing to wor… Continue reading

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It’s Final, Maybe It appears as though Hilton Corporation has decided to move their headquarters to Alexandria, Virginia creating 300 positions over the next three yearsStranger than FictionAn Austrian company has reviewed their employee ranks and… Continue reading

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The Circle Never Ends

Happy Superbowl Sunday to all. To our clients in Pittsburgh and in Arizona we wish both you great success in today’s game. At least hopefully the game keeps you out of any bad weather.They said it would never happenAs a sign of the times, AT&T has… Continue reading

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