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Listen to the voice, hear the disconnect

Almost everyday I open my email and see one report or another which reports that employers are complaining that in certain fields they are having problems sourcing, locating and hiring the right talent. The I turn around and see articles about whe… Continue reading

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EEOC weighs in on ADA and educational requirements

Do you have educational requirements for your positions? According to the EEOC you might be going down a slippery slope. In an informal advice memo they stated the following: If an employer adopts a high school diploma requirement for a job, and t… Continue reading

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Do you know what your Social Media ROI is?

The most recent article of CFO magazine contains an excellent article regarding how to calculate the ROI of your social media efforts. The article can be accessed at Continue reading

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I Look but Do I see?

For about the last 3 weeks there has been a continuing post about an occurrence in the nation’s capital from 2007 as part of an experiment of the Washington Post. You can see the link at . So here is my question how many of us go through the same … Continue reading

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Friday HR in the News

Issue #1: The website has reported that there are new guidelines for drug testing in the workplace. EBI reports that the changes are: The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) recently announced that the agen… Continue reading

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