Monthly Archives: May 2012

Where Did we go wrong?

If we review recent news items we see all kinds of reported stories that make me wonder how we got here. Consider these examples: Volunteer coach and teacher is dismissed from her job. Her crime–she had an athlete who was upset that he was not go… Continue reading

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Am I Missing Something Here?

I was watching the morning news this morning and across the bottom of the screen was a running display of the latest news. One such headline stated that the TSA had patted down an 89 year old man in the airport the other day. When you see the rest… Continue reading

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Truth, Justice and Your Organization?

I can just hear some of you now, but in watching TV and reading the news I was hit with several points which made me question the direction our organization’s are headed in. We strive to speak the philosophy that we want our employees to have full… Continue reading

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