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OMG, Did we really create ths monster?

Sit down with any group of senior managers and ask them what is their primary complaint with the youngest workers in their organization. I am willing to bet ( and I am not a betting person, I am lucky if I even play the state Lottery) that the pri… Continue reading

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Open letter to the Chief Executive Officer

I need some help this morning. I need to understand what is in your head in today’s economic climate. As I understand it your role as CEO is to protect the interests of the stakeholders and the bottom line of the organization. As a result you tell… Continue reading

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What is Your Focus?

Almost everyday you can pick up a copy of the newspaper or turn on the TV News and hear about an organization which has announced that it is cutting jobs to lower costs. In this current economic climate I can totally understand wanting to reduce c… Continue reading

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What is wrong with this picture?

CNN Money is reporting that US Manufacturing organizations are having so much trouble finding the essential talent that they are going abroad to find the right person for the right job at the right time. At the same time local newspapers ran a syn… Continue reading

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