It is all Spock’s fault

I was talking with a neighbor the other day who informed me that the basis of the problems facing the nation and businesses was the spouting of Dr.Benjamin Spock. (Sorry you Sci-Fi geeks in the audience thought I meant Spock from the Star Trek series didn’t you!!) My neighbor’s contention was that those children brought up under the influence of Dr Spock have become self-serving individuals with little care for others.

He may have a grain of truth in that some of us raised our children on the basis that everyone wins. Play on a sport team and you all get trophies.This has led to an atmosphere in which the feeling from childhood carries over to the workplace. As leaders it is important that we show the younger generations that there are some paths to management just not in the way they have been raised to believe. At the same time we need to understand that they expect the door to be open from day 1.

Your organization needs to be strategic in focus, innovatively flexible in operations and fast in reaching a solution to the demands of your customers. Learn how to benefit from this rapid new energy in your organization to meet the demands of the marketplace. Gen Y and the Re-generation are the future of our organizations, benefit from the present rather than the future.Let them bring their energy, dreams, and capacities to your organization and place you ahead of the competition. How? Read and understand their mindset, it is the same as yours – make the organization a better place to be part of.

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One Response to It is all Spock’s fault

  1. David says:

    Funny your neighbour should state that the boomers are: ‘self-serving individuals with little care for others’. After all we were the same self-serving people who actually took a stand in the 60’s, started the women’s movement, participated in the Peace Corps, and Marched on Washington to change America for the better, we tried to change the world. We did it without the desire of recognition or acknowledgement. We also played on sports teams, from a young age, that had winners and losers and you only got a trophy if you won (sometimes even winning did not earn a trophy). Every generation dreams of a better future for their children. Those raised under the influence of Spock (Spook probably being one of them) made a an effort. I am concerned that the (s)mother generation, with their parents calling bosses who criticize their darlings, will not know how to change the world without approval of their parents.

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