What is wrong with this picture?

CNN Money is reporting that US Manufacturing organizations are having so much trouble finding the essential talent that they are going abroad to find the right person for the right job at the right time. At the same time local newspapers ran a syndicated column reporting that US employers see nothing wrong with refusing to interview the long term employed.

We reportedly have an unemployment issue in this country, organizations can’t find qualified talent for their openings and yet we forget some of the tenants of why businesses were started in the first place. I am in the middle of reading the book “The Chocolate Wars” which discusses the creation and mission statement of the Cadbury Chocolate Company. They operated under the premise of the Quaker Business Model which saw the mission of business entities to care for their employees. we do not do that anymore.

The Quaker Business Model was grounded in the following principles:

  •  The real goal for an employer is to seek for others the best life of which they are capable
  • Worked together towards a common goal which were in the community’s best interest.e
  •  Pioneers in employee welfare and labor relations
  • Employees encouraged to get further education at company expense 
  • Established medical and dental departments and pension funds

The result was that they had engaged, productive employees. We were not seeing this employee undercurrent of distrust and stress that we see in many of today’s organizations. I hear many of my colelagues express that we need to change Washington to a more business orientation. But what about business once again recognizing that your employees are the life blood of your organization. They are the ones that pursue your brand to your customers. Take some time and think about what an orgnization of dedicated engaged employees could mean to your operations?


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