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Daniel Bloom & Associates, Inc. is beginning the process of releasing its first research based white paper. We would like those of you who read this blog to help with the data collection. Here is the question.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics says that for the second quarter of 2011, the productivity rate had dropped in this country 0.3% from the first quarter. Companies calculate and then brag of productivity being at an all time high since they brought about reductions in force. The BLS calcualtes a somewhat less-than optimal description of the same factors. Ina ddition to the impact on productivity, increased workloads and increased stress the qulaity of the business decision solutions has also been less than optimal.

We are not talking here about the unemployed. We are referring to current internal human capital assets. We can’t accurately question what we don’t measure. So how do we measure the affect of the increased workloads, the increased expected time expected, and the increased stress on the productivity outcomes of our organization? Please send your comments and input to

We will gladly provide those who respond with first copies of the final conclusions and the white paper when they are finalized.

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In addition to the impact on productivity, increased workload and increased stress – another consequence of the down turn and the turbulent times has been the quality of decisions in business solutions.  

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