Hey I am Your Life Blood!!!!

CNN Money this morning ran a post regarding the corporations who are job killers because of the number of people who are being forced into the job market along with the rest of the world. When you review the lost it is a sad view of the marketplace. One, HSBC, actually reported increased profits. How did they do that? The are doing it by laying off 25,000 worldwide. I hear the line that corporations must be able to do the things they must to satisfy their stockholders, but they seem to be leaving out one factor out of the mix.

Mr, Corporation, those employees are the life blood of your organization. They are no longer an expense item, they are corporate assets. They are the ones who have all the knowledge of how to run your organization better, faster and cheaper. Cheaper does not mean laying people off, it means streamlining your processes so that you can reduce the time to complete thus raising the revenue level of the organization.

The workplace has changed and we succeed based on the innovations we can create. To do this you don’t need machines. You do not need necessarily immense factories, We need the brain capacity of the human capital assets to see the world not as it is, but see the world as it might be.

Our employees are the life blood of our organizations. Stop before you decide that the path to profitability only lies in cutting employees. Take a moment and picture in your mind what would happen if your customers called the organization and no one answered the phone. Take a moment and consider what would happen to your business if a client had a problem and no one knew how to solve it. As the late Edward Kennedy said at his brother’s funeral “some men see things as they are and say why, I dream things that never were and say why not.” As one of your human capital assets, the employees job is not to see things as they have been but to see where the future can take us. This view is based on what is int heir heads from the acquisition of data, ideas and projections into the future. They are the ones that will propel our organizations to greatness as we come out of these economic times that we are facing today.

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