Show Me the Path

I had posted an announcement of an upcoming date of our seminar on applying six sigma to HR and a peer of ours within the HR industry sent back a comment asking what is the validity to a PHR? The response takes me back to the introduction of the Certified Relocation Professional Exam in 1990, when a well known real estate broker asked why do I need to know the profile of a typical relocation buyer because I only sell homes.

In both cases the same response is generated. Everyday when we enter the world of HR (as if we ever leave it) we are faced with two paths we can go down. The first path is to proceed as if you are in your own little world. A world where the only thing that is important is what your department does today. We solved a hiring dilemma. We solved a benefit issue. We resolved a compensation issue. What is important is not what the business enterprise is seeking to achieve as we are our own entity.

The second path is to understand that despite what you were brought up to believe, there is no such things as a silo in today’s business enterprises. What you do today as implications for the entire rest of the organization. Your responsibilities are to do what is necessary to enhance the objectives of not HR but of the organization. HR is a vital part of the operation as we show management the path to successfully utilize human capital. without us management could be opening the doors to significant problems. We are the path to keep them out of trouble. That does not mean that we fade into the background. We need to be in the face of the organization and showing the path to success.

So I take you back to the questions posed by the real estate broker and the HR peer- is there validity in thinking out of the box? Definitely. It is a matter of professional survival. It is a requirement for your organization not your department to grow. It is a requirement for you to grow. The rapidly expanding global workforce requires new ways of doing things. This is because what worked in the past may not work today. We have new challenges within the workforce and they call for out of the box thinking.

So when someone suggests a new out of the box direction for what you deliver do not rely on viewing its validity from the past perspective. Look at the methodology being presented and see how it will increase your value to your organization.Look at how the new methodology will allow you to grow as a human resource professional.

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