Time for some reconsideration

Despite the objections of the ultra conservatives and evangelicals, based on some new research out of 2010 Census suggestes that as organizations we need to refocus how we treat our human capital assets. The 2010 Census indicates that in 32 states the number of traditional households in a decline reaching the point where there are more couples living together outside of marriage then ever before. In seven states the number has reached the point where there are more unmarried couples then there are married ones.

The result is that organizations are going to need to align their corporate culture with the expectations of these couples. Domestic partners are going to demand equal treatment and due to their reaching a point of majority they will expect to get it or they will move on. In the pending talent shortage that os just down the pike, organizations can’t afford the knowledge drain nor the potential for your competitors to gain the upper hand.

Take a look at your policies and seriuosly consier whether you want the status quo or are you willing to make the adjust for the new reality.


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