What would the Founding Fathers Think?

Every business enterprise is continually seeking that next big event that will push the organization to the next plateau in its evolution. One of the center features in this quest is to honor the role that diversity of thought and actions play in this quest. 

If we look around the globe at this place and time, we are confronted with constant reminders that the world at this moment has forgotten about the role of diversity in making our organizations great. You tell me that you want your employees to become  engaged in your organizations, but then you send them the message that this is the way we will think and act. If you have differing views in this regard live with it. Our elected officials in their recent actions have sent the same message to the populous- “There is only one way we can act, My way.”

  Our founding fathers came to this country based on the belief in varying views. It was their anticipation that we would be tolerant of others views. We send the wrong message to the citizenry and our organizations when we act and behave differently. Our employees are now in a different role then they were even 20 years ago. They are vital assets to the success of your operation. When we send the message that we know we need you but you are needed on our terms not yours you lose the investment that employees  can bring to your organization.

Let me suggest some strategies for taking your corporation to the next level:

Strategy #1: Place your one mind view on hold and listen to the voice of your employees. They in many cases have a better understanding of your organization then you do.

Strategy #2: Remove all opportunities for silo mentality thinking within your organization. You have a decision to make or a new direction to move into, Get the help of a cross-functional team to assist the travel down the path to success.

 Strategy #3: Take the time to understand the results of your decisions both pro and con so that you totally understand the outcomes of your decision. While a decision may look good on paper, in reality it may have a completely different result once it is introduced. It is just possible that by the time you realize you have made an error in judgment the damage may have already been done.

It is your choice as business enterprise management whether you are able to succeed or fail in this global workplace. It is your choice whether you send the message to your human capital assets that you recognize the contribution that they make or do you tell them that as far as you are concerned they are just another number on the balance sheet.

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