Using Facebook at Work? Bay Area IT Consultants Say Change These 5 Account Settings

From PRWire 3/10/11

As it becomes more common to access Facebook in the workplace, the way IT consultants monitor computers within a company has also changed. Security risks to the networks, and therefore to the individuals who are using them, have increased. People 1st, a Bay Area IT consulting firm, recommends making five changes to protect the security of the network and the identity of the user.

The default privacy options for Facebook tend to be loose; information is made available to other users, third-party apps, and advertisers. One of the first things any Facebook user should do to help protect network security and their own privacy is access their account settings and change the default privacy options.

Bay Area IT Consultants People 1st explain how to make five important settings changes people need to make on their computer before accessing Facebook at work.

1)    Applications being used. To view these settings, go to “Account” > “Privacy Settings.” Under “Apps and Websites,” click “Edit your settings.” Click the “Edit Settings” button next to “Apps you use.” All the apps that are authorized to interact with the account are listed. Users can select which info they want to allow their apps to access, or delete unused apps entirely. People 1st recommends limiting access to profile information and friends’ information as much as possible.

2)    Information friends can share. Many games and third-party apps on Facebook can pull information from a user’s friends, even ones who don’t use the app. To disable permission for other people’s apps to have access to personal information, to “Account” > “Privacy Settings.” Under “Apps and Websites,” click “Edit your settings.” Click the “Edit Settings” button next to “Info accessible through your friends” and uncheck all boxes.

3)    Social ads. These are generated by actions of a user or their friend, and will pop up on the right-hand side of a Facebook page. To turn off this setting, go to “Account” > “Account Settings,” click on the “Facebook Ads” tab and choose “No one.”

4)    Instant Personalization. When enabled, this feature allows external partner websites like Pandora and Yelp to use Facebook information to personalize their website for the viewer. To disable this feature, go to “Account” > “Privacy Settings.” Under “Apps and Websites,” click “Edit your settings.” Click the “Edit Settings” button next to “Instant Personalization.” Uncheck the box under “Enable instant personalization on partner websites.”

5)    Remote sign-out. Left work and then realized that Facebook was still open on the computer? This nifty feature allows users to sign out of a computer from a remote location. Go to “Account” > “Account Settings.” Click the “Change” button next to “Account Security.” Under “Most Recent Activity,” computers that are logged in to the account will be visible. To disconnect a remote computer, click “end activity.”

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