Who is making the decisions within our organizations?

I was returning from a client’s location this afternoon and turned on the local NPR affiliate for the latest news.They are currently conducting a three part series entitled “Post Mortem.” In today’ segment they discussed the fact that there are 1600 individuals within this country who carry the title of CORNER. In many of them the only qualification to make the decisions about whether someones passing must be reviewed by an autopsy, is that they be of a certain age and that they are free of any felony convictions.

After listening to the segment I began to consider, how the same scenario could be taking place within our organizations. How often do we leave human capital utilization decisions to those who do not understand the implications of their decisions on the human capital outputs. When management tries to make unsubstantiated decisions on what they think is right but without the human resource professional input, the organization will suffer in the long run. The result can lead to miss hires, failures in choosing the right individual to carry the organization into the future. Further the decisions of the organization may not take into the equation the legal issues that are required by the business you are in.

Human resources needs to be forceful about letting the management of our organizations know that we are a critical part of the decision process when considering change to our organizations. We are the ones who via our training, understand the demands on the organization talent and regulatory wise. We are the ones who understand the principles of succession planning so that we can ensure that the future of the organization is present within the talent pool of our business. Human resources department and it’s professionals have the knowledge to keep us out of legal morass that is present in many organizations.

While management rightly has a major role in the decisions about the organization, they cannot be made as a silo and rule out the valuable contribution their human resource professionals make to the decision process.

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