What is wrong with this picture?

 Question- Is it not my understanding that politicos are complaining that the unemployment rate is to high and not dropping substantially?

If this is accurate why do I continue to hear of employers who tell the unemployed that if you see a job opening with our company do not apply, but the US Customs and Information Services announced last week that the H1-B Visa cap has been reached eight months early for the fiscal year 2011.

We have available talent inthis country but for some reason employers choose to overlook them in favor of bringing in a foreign citizen to fill the position when the talnet maybe under their nose. Throw on top of that the fact that if they are providing corporate mobility packages to them, they are spending int he neighborhood of $1,000,000 each to bring them over. How bout spending that spend on upgraded training for the unemployed so they can fill those available positions.

I understand that there are certain technical positions where you need to search worldwidefor the right party but do not overlook the diamonds in the rough in your own backyard.

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