What was wrong with the old system?

While I am not a believer, I found it interesting this week to see the reaction from the individuals who swear by their daily hroscope. Just as they were firm in their feelings about the characterisitics about their sign, along comes the powers at will and announced that due to the magnetic shift in the global cosmos, we now have to learn new signs and new characterisitics. This made me think about how we present the need to change the labels or processes within our workplace.

Do we suddenly without notice tell our employee base that we are changing the ir titles or the way we do things? or do you lay out the change over a time, guiding the employees along the way?

I understand that change is inevitable. I understand that as organizations evolve we have to modify how we execute various processes. But there is a good way to do it and there is an adverse way to do it. I would suggest to the readers of this blog that you look at the following strategies to achive the anticipated change:

1. Communicate –  Management needs to take what ever means are available to explain to the employee base what has brought about the need to change the organization. This should be through every means possible including social media outlets.

2. Brainstorm – Your floor personnel know your business better then you do, whether you want to admit it or not. Get them involved by providing them with a vehicle to help the organization plan out the change. Let them suggest the best ways for you to implement that change in an orderly and timely manner.

3. Team Implementation – Set up cross-functional teams to help you take the suggestions from the organization and implement the necessary change within the organization.

4. Feedback – Akin to the communication piece, keep the employees informed of the change process and how it has or will affect their responsibilities on a daily basis.

Change is important however it is also necessary that everyone be shown the path to an improved business operation.

I would be interested in hearing how you go about introducing change within your organizations.


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