As a human resource professional do we routinely over react to our workplace?

I got up this morning and turned on the Today Show. On the show was a segment devoted to a sixth grader in New Jersey who has been charged with vandalism for of all things, writing her name in wet cement outside her school. The parents offered to pay the cost of repair and dole out punishment to their daughter. The town Police Department instead has decided the daughter must go through a trial and be punished by a judge. Some of you might be saying , what;s the deal I did that as a child. As a matter of fact it was considered a rite of passage that we all did at one time or another.

Switch the picture to something closer to all of us. How do we react to minor violations of policy? What would you expect if you work for UBS whose dress code is contained in a 43 page manual? While I would not condone blatant violations of our policies and procedures which for the most part are designed to protect the afety of our employees and th eorganization, there could be situations where a minor infraction could be nothingmore than a chance to coach an employee on why what they did was not in the best interests of all. That in most cases would be enough to resolve the issue. But if we instead play autocrat, and throw the book at each and every one who violates our rules, we are asking for chaos in the workplace.

How do you handle minor infractions of corporate policies?

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