Do we really need that?

I opened my local newspaper this morning and there was a report on the latest analytics regarding the graduates of the state colleges. The result to say the least were contrary to what I hear HR professionals telling me all the time. According to the Florida State Board of Education during calendar 2009 if you graduaed from a state college with a Bachelor’s Degree your average earnings were $36,552. On the other hand if you graduated from a community college during the same time period your average income was $47,708, A difference of $11,000. If this holds true across the country what does that say about our job requirements.

In talking to educational officials, the paper stated that many of the associate degree holders were trained specifically for high level science related positions , most inthe medical field. This means they were coming out of school with marketable skills designed for the market. Do we need to change our curriculum for advance degerees to match the AS outcomes?

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