Reflections on 2010 and perspective on 2011

The past year has been one of twists nad turns that has brought us to a diferent place then I have been in before. We thank our clients and partners for the path we have now finding ourselves walking. Give me the liberty of pondering verbally on some of these changes:

1) After a three year effort ot find a full time position, a number of organizations stated that I was not of interest because my background said consultant. We during the past six months made the decision that if I could not beat them then I might as well join them. In April we turned our efforts full time to becoming the very best consultant to our lcients that I could.

2) Along this path we have had the priviledge of meeting some phenomenol individuals who bring some really neat skills to the human capital arena. In advance I apologize if I miss anyone, but here are the individuals who really stand out in my quest:

Trisha MacFarlane I had the privledge to meet Trish at the HR Florida conference. Trish is the owner of HR Ringleader which I look forward to reading each and every day for her insights on this great profession we have entered into. There has not been a single opportunity when Trish has not been willing to provide feedback on my social media efforts. The guidance is most appreciated.

Kathy Potts – Kathy conducts a program regarding how to play the game and being in control of the environment you function in. Kathy was willing to take time out of her busy schedule to sit down and review our marketing efforts and talk with us about what we needed to do to successfuly walk the new path we were beginning to tread down. Her advice has been right to the point.

Michael VanDevort – The social media guru who has been instrumental in opening some doors for us and been a sounding board on our own social media endeavors.

Barry Brown – I have known Barry and his wife Angel for many years and they both have been a source for guidance in areas of HR that I have not been involved in before. They have also been the source of mem bers of our client family. Barry and Angel than you for the years of being the support platform for our consulting practice.

Bill MazurekBill began as our instructor for the six sigma black belt training and has become a valuable counselor and if I may take the liberty, a friend. We appreciate his efforts to take us to the next level in our work in the continous improvement field.

Larry LabelleLarry during the past year has provided ongoing guidance about business intelligence and been a reliable resource to bounce ideas off.

Owner of My LinkingPowerForum Vincent has been a wealthof guidance into the way to grow our business and we treasure his advice and friendship.

3) One of our directions is to provide a network of partners who can complement the services of DBAI with areas of expertise we don’t have readily available. In the past year we have added several organizations to our partner list. We appreciate your contributions to our services package:

Suddath Van Lines – Part of the Unigroup company of moving companies, they have been both a partner but also a member of our client family.

BenePay Online – Working in the marketplace with small to medium sized organizations we knew that we needed a quality provider for electronic  benefit and payroll services. BenePay has been the perfect fit. They have a quality program and have already worked to make this a two way relationship by providing leads for organizations that might need our services. In addition we will be providing HR services to their clients as needed.

Alessandra and Associates For a number of years we have been a distributor for the materials of Tony Alessandra who we highly recommend to anyone who is looking for a dynamic presentor for corporate meetings. In 2010, on our partner page we have provided a link to the online assessment catalog with over 40 assessments to improve corporate perofrmance.

4) The year 2011 is beginning to look promising for a very busy year. Our The Ultimate IMprovement Cycle: A Six Sigma Approach to Human Capital Management is gaining some very strong interest nationwide with possible presentations in about five different cities. We intend to get mor einvolved with the Economic Gardening effort across the region, It is the route to get us out of the doldrums we are in.

No matter what your beliefs, may you celebrate the ned of one year and the beginning of a new one with joy and happiness for yourself and those closest to you. I look forward to more interaction between our organizations inthe coming year. If we can be of any assistance, please let us know.

Happy Holiday wishes

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