Are We walking the walk and talking the talk?

A recent new article about the congressional gridlock gave me a moment to pause to reflect on what goes on in our corporate environments. Every year since September 11 we have held memorial events to honor those who lost their lives in the twin towers. On the face of it we are honoring not only the victims but the many first responders who came to the rescue of those at three sites. Last week the Congressional leaders defeated legislation  which would have covered some of the cost of the health care for those who went into the disaster sites. Are we honoring those who have passed away but not those who lived but were exposed to the debris?

Let’s take a look at the corporate environment and see how many times we see a similar scenario happening. A friend of mine has recently taken a job with a company that is noted for its customer service. Management tells their employees that they believe in an open door policy but employees are labeled as a malcontent if they take a problem to the management. What is the affect when you ask your employees to become engaged with your organization, but then through your actions treat them as second class citizens. How do you respond to the employee, who you continual provide feedback telling them how valuable tot he organization they are, but you expect them to put in 70-80 hour weeks because that is the way we do things around here?

Does your actions match your message to not only your employees but your customers?

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