HR Strategist@Net-Speed: Are we really watching the health of our organization?

In watching the posts in the social media and in talking with a colleague last week, we are seeing a very concerning environment being created. One that makes one wonder about the vitality of our organizations. As a member of management you are presented with dual responsibilities. The first is to enhance the investment of the shareholders int he organization. The second is to ensure that you have the right person, in the right position at the right time. The problem is that contrary to current belief they are not mutually exclusive. They both play a vital part in the health of your organization. Let’s break it down a little.
First responsibility is to enhance the investment of the stakeholders. Your stakeholders are looking for a return on their investment, to indicate that the organization is growing. Growing in sales. Growing in revenue. Growing in profit. How does this come about? The organization increases this investment by becoming better than the competition for your product or service. By becoming known as the best in class for the way you run your operation. One key to reaching this sought after level is based on the human capital resources where you are the employer of choice.
This brings us to the second responsibility of making sure that we have the right person in the right position at the right time. We have, during these tough economic times, seen organizations make what we believe to make some very serious strategic decisions that could hinder the health of the organization. Make no mistake about it, we will have a talent shortage in the not too distant future. When we cut staff solely based on financial measures we risk down the road putting ourselves in jeopardy. Point in evidence, I attended a seminar recently where it was described that in order to reduce costs, an organization offered early retirement to anyone with over 20 years experience. Lo and behold everyone offered the package accepted. The company was out of business in 6 months. Way too often managers in this market are looking for that right person by trying to fit them into square hole when they need that round peg. Both internal and external recruiters need to get back to looking for those individuals who can positively contribute to the health of the organization. This means looking outside of the box most managers are in today and look at what skills and attributes the person can bring to the table.
Do you agree or do you have another focus on this perspective?
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