Just When We Thought We Had a Handle on it

My wife and I were talking the other day about the nature of the “neighborhood” that we live in has changed. It is not the community we moved into 28 years ago. People have moved in and then moved out and we have maintained very few contacts with any of them. There are 76 homes in the subdivision and I am not sure I could tell you everyone who lives here. In addition we just completed, with the assistance of Lynne Lancaster of Bridgeworks, just finished the preparation of a seminar entitled “Chaos int he Workplace-Multigenerational interactions in the workplace.” In preparing the material for the seminar we looked at each of the four generational groups and what they wanted and liked. The once I thought we had it finished, along comes a new book called ReloVille which claims there is a group that I did not consider. This group is referred in the new book as the Relos. They are middle management employees earning around $150,000 who get moved by a company every three to five years who leave behind no real roots. The book is written by Peter Kilbourn of the New York Times. He contends that to enhance their careers the employee is willing to put up with this life with no real place to call home. The subject is discussed in the latest issue of HR Magazine from the SHRM. Do you agree with this assessment of a sub-culture in the four groups?
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