Where are our priorities?

We are faced with a rapidly changing global marketplace in which the successful worker needs to be competent in the methodology of how business operates. This means they need to understand the theoretical and practical aspects of the business operations. I would expect that these business leaders need to understand math, science and geopolitical theory. Further thye need to understand the economics behind business. Every day we read in the newspapers stories about the state of the economy – teachers being laid off, government agencies cutting services, colleges restricting the number of students they can admit due to lower revenue costs. I may get crucified ,but I found a major disconnect when the news this morning posted an announcement that the football coach for the University of Florida got a new contract paying four million dollars per year. In order for us to stay competitive in the global economy, we need to enhance the learning of our students. Football does not add to that ability to compete in the real world.
Instead of paying for sports, we need to realign our priorities to meet the needs of the business community in which our graduates are going to need to compete in. Do you agree with me or am I missing some aspect ? Let me know.
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