What Happened to Equal Protection?

In reading the press and the web in the past couple of days, I have been struck by some rather conflicting reports regarding the health care crisis which affects each and every one of us. Some of us are blessed with corporate provided health plans which to varying degrees cover our health needs, but there are a large number of citizens who have no coverage at all. I am not trying to preach to the choir, but I am amazed that two scenarios are playing out. The first was the report that William Kristol appeared on the Daily Show and with a straight face said that the military provides it’s members with the “best medical care int he world.” When asked about the rest of the population of the country Mr. Kristol’s response was that even if it is horrible coverage, the American Citizens don’t deserve any better. In the other scenario, the members of Congress get free medical care for life based on their service. Are they so much better then you and I that they don’t think we deserve the same level of care in this country? In these hard economic times, our system allows for a laid off employee to continue their medical coverage from work at outlandish prices. For example, a friend for the 18 months following the layoff was able to continue to be covered by the company’s program at a cost of over $900 a month for just employee and spouse. In many states that amount would eat up almost the entire unemployment compensation.
We hear corporate management complain about the lack of engagement by today’s workers. Is it any reason that we do not treat employees as critical parts of the organization that the work environment is what it is?
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