Did the Playing Field Really Change Yesterday?

Yesterday the U.S. Supreme Court released its long awaited ruling in Ricci vs. New Haven. For the reader who may be not up to the latest in this case, it began when the City of New Haven conducted tests for promotion to a higher level within the city fired department. When the results came in, the city determined that there were not enough representatives from non-white personnel in the promotional pool. The court determined that the City had arbitarily thrown out a job-related test illegally.
The question is thus in light of the Ricci decision, has the playing field really changed? I am not a lawyer, although I come from a family of them. In my view the decision just means that we as human resource professionals need to more then ever ensure that the tests we provide to assist us in making human resource staffing decisions must accurately reflect the ability on one to complete the bona fide occupational qualifications. There is nothing in the decision as I have read that says we are off the hook in this regard.
In this global economy we need the wide array of views and cultures in the workplace so while New Haven apparently may be wrong in their decision it does not eliminate our need to continue to recruit, hire and promote all equally qualified members of our human capital resources.
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