Have we Not Really Grown?

In today’s competitive marketplace, the basis of our success is the ability of team members to collaborate on the roads to the completion of change improvement. This means that as self-directed teams, we need to leanr to respect the input of all the team members. In November, the citizenry gave us the impression that we had finally moved beyond the narrow minded beliefs of some, who if applied to the workplace could limit our growth not enhance it.
Then we turn on the news or read the media and find that an individual seems to believe that his picture of the world is the only “correct” view of the world that he has to take violent actions to enforce them. Imagine if we were not talking about such an event as the Holocaust but rather a initiative within our marketplace. Can we continue to not keep our eyes open to the dangers of some of our policies–such as the many states which have in essence created a new protected class by freely allowing our employees to bring firearms to the workplace and that we can’t protect our workplace by “discriminating” against those who are gun owners. I don’t hold any animosity towards gun owners. I actually owned one at one time, but there is a place for them and our workplace is not one of them.
The killing at the US Holocaust Museum clearly demonstrates that we need to take concrete steps to protect all the citizenry from individuals who believe that the only solution to conflicting views is to pull out a firearm and take out those with opposing views.
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