The Circle Never Ends

Happy Superbowl Sunday to all. To our clients in Pittsburgh and in Arizona we wish both you great success in today’s game. At least hopefully the game keeps you out of any bad weather.

They said it would never happen

As a sign of the times, AT&T has announced it has completed its relocation of 5000 jobs to North Carolina, Louisiana, Alabama and Florida. They are for the most part among the jobs the corporation sent overseas and are now bringing them back to the country. This trend was discussed on national news the other night. They pointed out that the customer service level had degraded so much many corporations were beginning to rethinking sending the jobs to India and the Philippines.

Where or Where Are We Going Now

Unigroup and Allied Van Lines have released the results of their latest moving survey which identifies the movement of the population in and out of regions of the country. Here are te results of the latest surveys:
Inbound states were Nevada, North Carolina, Alabama, Wyoming,South Dakota, South Carolina and Oregon
Outbound States were Michigan, North Dakota, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Illinois, Indiana, Maine and New York
Allied Van Lines
Inbound States were Texas, North Carolina and Virginia
Outbound States were Michigan, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Illinois

CNN reports Silver Lining Maybe

On Saturday, CNN Newsroom had a segment regarding the current job market and who was hiring with a career counselor and a psychologist. The CNN website reports the following employers offer a silver lining among all the bad news:

Never Laid Anyone Off
Stew Leonard’s Markets
NuStar Energy
Container Store
Devon Energy
Nugget Market

Whose Hiring
Booz Allen Hamilton
Mayo Clinic
Mens Warehouse
Price Waterhouse
Publix Supermarkets
BrightHouse Networks
Baptist HealthCare
Scripps Health
Ernst and Young
Burns and McDonnell
Microsoft ( Just announced a layoff)
Whole Foods
Methodist Hospital
Edward Jones

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