Woman’s Relocation Assistance; Relocation Announcements

Let me begin by wishing all the readers, a wonderful and happy holiday season to each of you and your families. May 2009 be better for all of us.

Women’s Relocation Assistance

Women???s Business Growth & Relocation Center

The Women???s Business Growth & Relocation Center is a referral network developed by WomenPartner International to connect self-employed women with the specialized resources they need to relocate their business (or career) and family to a new metro area in the US, Canada, and UK. It will also provide expert content on how women can strategically grow their client base throughout their state or province. As they add more international companies to WPI, we will include more countries in our Center.

It will offer information about:

  • Business licenses
  • Sales tax permits
  • Local business and job market
  • Commercial & residential funding
  • Sources of new clients
  • Office space
  • Networking opportunities
  • Job market & starting a new career

The Women???s Business Growth & Relocation Center will also feature the Self Employed Woman???s Guide to Buying Real Estate and Reinvention 2.0: The Sophisticated e-Woman???s Guide to Reinventing Her Business Or Career to Thrive in a Slow Economy.

Relocation Announcement

Neopost USA – Moving from California to Milford Connecticut. About 150 families affected

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