Yes We Can

It is Time For a Change

As a country yesterday we achieved a new page in our collective history. Not since the era of JFK has any politician been able to gather such a wide spread collection of groups to bring together their hopes, concerns and wishes for a single cause. Some of the media reported that some of the voters expressed the belief that for the first time they felt part of the process. Tom Brokaw stated that he had friends who for the first time in decades actually wanted to go to work in government. I am not suggesting that anyone was right or wrong based on their vote yesterday. That is your right and your choice. What I am suggesting is that as the country is primed for a change, maybe it is time for this industry to be primed for a change. Maybe it is time to return to the basics of this industry. We were never designed to be a commodity, instead the industry was created to provide a service to the employees being moved by our corporations. Just think what our workplace could be like if our employees were as engaged as the Obama volunteers were last night in Grant Park, on Time Square and in every corner of this country. We can do that if we return to our roots.We are about recognizing the employee as a human being not a number. We are about making the movement of a family as seamless as possible.

Just Get Me There Update

On October 16, 2003 we signed an agreement with GOM Publishing to produce the results of our efforts to produce a history of this industry we call home. The book was released just before ERC’s national relocation conference in 2005. Among the conditions of the agreement was that GOM had publishing rights for a period of 5 years which expired on October 16, 2008. We have made the decision to take all rights to publish the book back. Going forward all orders for copies of the book should be directed to our website or email.

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