Critical Time in Our History

Despite your leanings, we are faced today with a historical event in history. Please be sure to be part of our commitment to be a citizen of this country and get to the polls and place your vote.
We have several items for your consideration today in this new blog post:

SHRM Reports the results of a new Mercer Survey

Mercer Consultants have released the results of their new survey on the Benefits for Expatriates and Globally Mobile Employees. One of the findings of the survey is that the majority of firms make no effort to measure by any form of matrices the success of their expat benefit package.

Primacy Relocation and Worldwide ERC release the 2008 List of Best Places for Single Employees

In the fifth and final survey, Primacy identified the best cities for relocating Singles. In this years survey the top cities were in order of preference:
1. Boston, MA
2. Nassau/Suffolk County, NY
3. New Haven, CT
4. New York Metro Area
5. Edison, NJ
6. Atlanta, GA
7. Raleigh, NC
8. San Francisco, CA
9. Santa Ana , CA
10. Newark, NJ
11. Tampa, FL
12. Los Angeles, Ca
13. Orlando, FL
14. Virginia Beach, VA
15. Camden, NJ
16. Charleston, SC
17. Providence, RI
18. Washington, DC
19.New Orleans, LA
20. Philadelphia, PA

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