May 27, 20087 Update

IMPACT Group’s Founder Announces her Retirement

Laura Herring a pioneer in the career counseling field, has announced that she will retire in January of 2009 and turn the responsibility for the growing business over to her daughter. Over the past four years they have added 26 new locations to their operations. Lauren Herring has been the guiding force behind many of the changes in the organization so she was a natural to take the helm going forward.
As a vendor Partner of DBAI, we wish Laura the best going forward and look forward to working with Lauren where the IMPACT Group can benefit our clients.

Pennsylvania Charging Transfer Taxes on Deeds-In-Blank

Worldwide ERC has announced that they have learned that the State of Pennsylvania has begun to treat transfers of residences to relocation management companies as taxable transactions in these transactions. There is nothing in writing as of this time, but new regulations state that in situations where there are two transactions covered by a single document, transfer taxes are due to both transactions.

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